Jacqui's Journey

-My journey as an apprentice at ECO began in September of 2012. Up until that day I never imagined myself becoming a hairstylist.  During the first few weeks I learned I had a natural talent.  In the following weeks I would learn so much more than just doing hair. My passion began to grow deeper for the industry and the bonds that had been created amongst my peers and guests.  
-I am most passionate about making my guests feel beautiful and connecting with them on a personal level and earning their trust.  I have learned a lot about myself and the relationships I formed over the last three years.  
-Becoming a hairstylist has shown me that you can in fact love what you do, and just like hair is a work in progress, so am I.


Making the cut


 ​While many hair trends seem to come and go with the seasons, the bob and the lob are here to stay.  With so many possible variations of these cuts, everyone can find a shape and length that’s flattering.  From a blunt, chin length bob, to a shoulder grazing lob with tons of texture, the possibilities are endless.  

So now you’ve decided on your dream cut and you’ve booked your appointment, but what you may not have realized is that your haircut could completely change another woman’s life.  By saving the locks you’re parting ways with and donating them to a reputable organization, you could help make a woman battling cancer feel beautiful again.  

Hair donating has become increasingly popular in recent years, and the Pantene Beautiful Lengths organization has felt the boom. Since the creation of the program in July 2006, they have collected over 800,000 ponytails from men, women, and children all over the world.  In partnership with the American Cancer Society, this has allowed them to create over 42,000 real hair wigs to be given free-of-cost to women going through chemotherapy treatment all across the country. These women have lost most or all of their hair due to the treatments, many have even made the difficult choice to shave their heads before it all fell out, and feeling attractive is the last thing they should have to worry about.  They are going through what is probably the toughest time of their life, but any sort of normalcy can make it that much easier.  These wigs are so realistic that while friends and family know the truth, strangers would be none the wiser to the fact that the hair on their heads is not their own.  Just being able to run to the store without every other shopper knowing their situation by their head scarf or shaved head is a huge weight off their shoulders.  It allows these women to feel normal, to feel like themselves again, and most importantly to feel beautiful and confident.

So how do you prepare for donating your hair?  Pantene Beautiful Lengths has just a few requirements if you wish to help out with a ponytail donation:

1. All hair must be at least 8” in length- When the hair to be cut off is tied back in a ponytail, it must measure 8” from the elastic to the ends of the hair.  This means if you have layers that are shorter than this, they should be clipped out of the way.  While 8” is the minimum donation, Pantene is always looking for longer ponytails.  The minimum requirement is only long enough to make a short-haired wig.  There is no maximum length limit.
2. Hair must be free of chemical treatments- This means semi-, demi-, and permanent color and lightener, as well as perms and chemical straightening/smoothing systems such as Keratin or Cezanne.  It takes anywhere from 8 to 15 ponytails to make one wig, and every ponytail comes from a different person with a different hair color and texture.  To assure even coloring for a realistic looking wig, all ponytails must be processed and then re-colored.  Hair that has already been colored or chemically treated may not take to the processing properly, or may not hold up through the processing.
3. Hair must be 5% grey or lessUnfortunately, ponytails can only have a minimal amount of grey hair.  Grey hair often reacts differently to color, and just like chemically treated hair, it may not come out properly during the wig making process.

If you meet these three requirements, you’re ready to donate!  In the months leading up to your haircut, make sure to take the best possible care of your hair.  The healthier the hair, the better it will hold up during processing.  On the day of the cut, make sure your hair is freshly washed and fully dry without any styling products.  You can also flat iron your hair if it’s wavy or curly.  Ponytails can be packed in a tightly sealed Ziploc bag and mailed directly to the Pantene Beautiful Lengths foundation.

It may seem as though one ponytail won’t make much of a difference, but know that it does.  Your one ponytail could be just enough to complete a wig for a woman in need.  This past January I donated my hair at Londonderry High School’sannual Day of Giving.  LHS currently holds the Guinness World Record for the largest group hair donation, and the amount of donors seems to grow every year.  Then just last week, the Day of Giving coordinator and LHS English teacher Steve Juster contacted me and asked me to cut a wig for someone he knew who received one through the PanteneBeautiful Lengths/American Cancer Society program.  I had the opportunity to meet this woman and cut her wig into a style similar to what she had before she had to sadly shave all of her own hair off.  It was incredible to see it all come full circle and to finally meet someone who was helped by this program.  Giving her just a little bit of confidence back and knowing she felt more like herself again was extremely rewarding.

For more information on the Pantene Beautiful Lengths campaign, visit www.pantene.com/beautifullengths

Thank you in advance for donating, and happy cutting!

Amy Fliger 



Hello! From the Eco Salon. 

Being one of two Faith’s at our salon, I’m referred to as “Red Faith.I had short hair for quite a few years, but
have been growing mine for four years now.  Now that it’s finally long, I’ve had fun playing with up-styles.  (OK, the real reason I put it up is because I have two littles at home, and I have limited time to do my hair!)  Check out my little ones being all cute picking wild flowers while I did this tutorial. 



I wanted to share some of my secret ten minute updos with you so you can have fabulous hair too.  As my close friends know, if I have a type of braided up-style in my hair, it’s because I didn't have time to do my hair, but didn't want anyone to know that was the case..hehe
Here is one of my three simple braided up-styles for you to try. Good luck!
   “Red” Faith
                                          The Braided Bun    

   *Start with dry  hair (I’d say “clean, dry” hair, but who we kidding?)


  If your hair is fine, a generous mist of Aveda’s Air Control will help prep your hair
  If your hair is course or frizzy, a dime size amount of Aveda’s Control Paste will help control


*Grab the sides of your hair over your ears

*Twist the two sections back and up.  Crisscross over the other in the back of your head.


*Secure with bobby pins-(the secret to this is making an “x” with your pins, one ridge up the other ridge down) 


*With remaining hair, section into 3 sections, and do a braid    

                                        *Loosen finished braid by pinching sections

                           *Twist braid In either direction making a circle (a bun) with the braid

                                                    *Tuck ends under and pin


                       Finish with Aveda’s Control Force          

Photos By:

Kathy Mangum photography.


Curly Haired Girl

For as long as I can remember, having curly hair has been quite the struggle. Growing up it was always too big, too short, or too frizzy. I can recall any elder to me saying "oh my goodness your hair is so gorgeous", and in my head thinking ... they can not actually be talking about this mess on my head. Now looking back, the ones who usually made a comment or loved it were women with straight hair. Inevitably as women we want the opposite of what we actually have. Over the years, I have slowly learned how to work with my natural curl and love it. It has been a long roller coaster ride with this hair, but I feel as if I have finally conquered it and I am so excited to share all of my insight and secrets to all of my curly haired girls! First things first, being a stylist myself I know we play a big part in how your hair will fall and style when you do it yourself. When choosing a stylist look to friends, family, or anyone with similar to yours that you may like or admire and ask who they see. Try and look at hair on social media, preferably local salon pages. Have a consultation, choose someone who works with your wants and needs. Once you have chosen your stylist, ask a lot of questions, we are here to answer! My first insight to anyone with curly hair is to know that if you are thinking of going shorter, please know that it will most likely grow out before it grows down. Products are so crucial in how your hair will turn out. My personal favorites are from our Aveda “Be Curly” line. The “Be Curly” line touches on all types of curl and works with just about every texture. The Curl Defining Lotion is my all time favorite. I have had shorter and longer hair and it has worked with both to make my curls smooth and soft. I have come to the realization that most of the time if I were to just let my hair be natural with only product it looks unfinished, which I don't love. Styling tools such as a wand or a curling iron might as well be a curly-haired girls best friend. To define any misbehaved or uncontrollable curls I would recommend to wrap the strand that is giving you a hard time around the wand, hold for about 5 seconds and let go. Apply that step to all the pieces that are misshaped. All it takes is a one inch wand to achieve the look I desire. I now have a new love for my curly hair due to this technique. For those of you girls out there who are a little less high maintenance and would just like to put some product in and jet out the door, I’m going to share with you my quick fix routine. With curly hair your hair craves moisture so after you shampoo don't skimp on the conditioner, your curls love it. Using a wide-tooth comb, comb the conditioner from root to ends. When you get out of the shower do not dry your hair all the way, the more moisture you keep in it the better! Use your fingers or a wide tooth comb to brush through. Apply your favorite curl product, ex. Curl Defining Lotion, flip your head upside down and scrunch the product into your hair. If you do not own a diffuser for your curls, INVEST! if you are looking for more voluminous curls flip your head upside down again and dry it. Too uncomfortable? Diffuse standing up. When your hair is almost all the way dry, let the rest dry naturally. After all is said and done your last step is to spray your hair with hairspray or a defining spray. I have used this routine for quite some time now and I am really pleased with the end result. I hope with a few of my secrets and styling tips you find some happiness in your beautiful curly hair. Always remember practice makes perfect, Ready Set Go! 

                                                            Happily, Melanie Gagnon


Stylist Spotlight for August!

We are so proud to announce our gorgeous stylist for our Stylist Spotlight for August!
 Red Faith! 


Red Faith, after returning from maternity leave with her second child, back in January, has renewed passion for her craft. Having been in the industry for 11 years, Faith has a little experience with everything, but especially loves cutting short hair, razor cuts and red multi-dementional color.  Starting this summer, she started working one Saturday a month, and will be doing more starting this fall. She also specializes in up styles, so book your next special occasion with Faith!
You’ll love her professionalism and flare!