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3 years in training as a cosmetologist


Empire Beauty School; On-going at Aveda Institute

what she likes best about being a professional hair stylist

Melissa loves making a difference in peoples' lives.  She loves to inspire every guest that sits in her chair and having the opportunity to meet all sorts of new people and hear their stories.

the experience she wantS her clients to have

She enjoys getting to know all of her clients on a professional and personal level to make the feel comfortable and relaxed.  She wants her guests' experiences to be calm and relaxing...the kind that makes them look forward to coming back to her again.

what she is passionate about IN THE WORLD OF HAIR

For Melissa, being a cosmetologist is more than touching hair.  It is being able to be so creative and having an open canvas on every client to create something beautiful. She is passionate about being that person in someone's life who can make a difference and make them feel like the most beautiful person in the world.