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For the past four years, Marci has been working at the local high school (and loving every day of it!) in addition to ECO Salon.

what she likes best about working in the salon

Over the past 4 years, Marci has seen ECO Salon grow into a successful business. She looks forward to her time at the salon because it feels like a second family. She loves seeing the different talents each stylist has to offer - she believes they are very good at listening to what the client wants and making it come to life.  If the stylist feels that what the client wants will be a longer transition, she will explain that to the client.  Marci also understands that her job is to understand the stylists' strengths so that when she is helping a client book a new appointment, she can match her/him up with the stylist that would be the best fit for them. 

the experience she wantS her clients to have

Marci always greets each guest with a warm smile and a hello.  She tries to greet them by their first name (which always brings a smile to their face!) She treats the how she would want to be treated when she walks into a salon for a service.  If the guest is new, she gives them a tour of ECO Salon and explains the different services available.

what she is passionate about IN THE WORLD OF HAIR

Marci wants guests to feel like they are the only guest that their stylist has during their appointment and to walk out of ECO Salon feeling like a new person.  Even though sometimes it gets very busy in the salon, she helps in every way possible to make the guests' appointments run smoothly.  As part of the team, Marci wants to create a warm and relaxing atmosphere  - a place for guests to come and relax and get away from the crazy lives we all live. She wants each client to leaving feeling excited about their next appointment.