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6 years in Marketing; Stay at home Mom of three


Bachelor of Science in Business Management

what she likes best about working in the salon

Once her youngest was in school full-time, Cheryl felt the time was right to go back to work and ECO Salon turned out to be just the place for her.  She loves the professionals she works with and what ECO is all about - making people feel beautiful in an environmentally friendly way. 

what her approach is with guests

Cheryl's approach to interacting with ECO's clients is to be upbeat, friendly and approachable.

what kind of experience she wants clients to have at eco

From the second a guest steps foot in the door at ECO, Cheryl wants them to feel like they are being pampered. At the salon, they are away from the every day stress and craziness and taking time out for themselves.  She wants guests to feel special. Even if it is just taking their coat for them or making them a cup of Aveda tea.  It's a moment that someone is doing something for them instead of the other way around.