Cheers to Eco!

Happy 7th Anniversary Eco!  

When we began to conceptualize Eco and layout our vision it was important that we created something unique.  Not only a place with great stylists doing amazing work but a place that would continue to inspire the pursuit of education.  A place where stylists felt welcomed and supported.  While we dreamt we stayed grounded and focused.  We continued and still do to this day to improve upon our dream.  And we're not planning on stopping now!

Thank you to our amazing, beautiful, and talented staff, this place would not be what it is today without each of you.

Thank you to the amazing guests that enjoy coming to Eco and for continuing to share the stories of your experiences with others.  You fill us with gratitude daily.

Thank you to Matt St. Gelais and Todd Ford for believing in us and supporting us in so many ways.

We are also just as blessed to have found each other.  Faith St. Gelais, I would not want to be on this journey with anyone else.  You are my rock.  I love you.  I can't say it enough thank you, everyone.

~Jen Ford