Styling from day to day is fun and adventurous, we're constantly searching for the next shape and color,

but what if you could change the scent of your hair too?!

The wait is over and Aveda has come out with Pure-Fume Hair Mists. They are 99.9% naturally derived and add softness as well as shine to your hair. It acquires a quick-drying formula, so it won't affect your finished hairstyle and you can use it at any time of the day to refreshyour hair's aroma! Now that you're excited, let's learn about each mist!

ALANARA PURE-FUME HAIR MIST has a rich, woody, floral scent inspired by the ornate aromas of the Middle East. It uses sandalwood, organic rose, oud, oilbanum, and other pure flower and plant essences. Alanara pays homage to the ancient, moon-shaped valley of the Middle East.

MARASSONA PURE-FUME MIST has a fresh, clean, vibrant aroma inspired by the tropical flowers of Brazil. It features organic neroli, ylang ylang, vetiver, and other pure plant and flower essences. Marassona is the sensual, dynamic spirit of Brazil.

MIHANA PURE-FUME MIST had a lush, spicy, and floral scent with soft balsams and bright citrus inspired by the traditional gardens of Japan and Korea. It's features jasmine, organic mandarin, and clove. Mihana embodies the blossoming gardens that spring up the small forests of Japan.

Hey...Aveda's pretty cool right?!

Now...introducing yoga in a jar!! That's right, it's possible! Tulasāra Renew Morning Creme offers the healthy flows of yoga all captured in a creme! Tulasāra Renew Morning Creme instantly brightens skin every morning, as it visibly firms, lifts, and minimizes the appearance of lines and wrinkles with a powerful blend of Ayurvedic ingredients. It is 97% naturally derived, and is the PERFECT partner for Tulasāra Wedding Masque Overnight! It is the perfect creme to wear under your daytime makeup! Come on in to try all these amazing NEW products for yourself and discover the luxurious life of Aveda!