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Manchester School of Technology; Continental Academie of Hair Design; Assistant Program at ECO Salon; On-going at Aveda Institute

what she likes best about being a professional hair stylist

Amy loves that she gets to be creative - every guest has different needs and wants which allows every day at work to be different and feel new.  For her, it's fun and doesn't feel like "work".

the experience she wantS her clients to have

She wants clients to feel calm and relaxed while in her chair.  Life outside can be rushed and stressful, so even if it is just for the short period that they are in the salon, Amy wants to be each guest to be able to have that quiet downtime to stop thinking about other worries they may have.

what she is passionate about IN THE WORLD OF HAIR

Amy is passionate about making changes no matter how subtle to make a guest's relationship with their hair better.  The right color, cut or style can completely transform a person's mood and even how they feel about themselves as a whole.  For her, it is amazing to have the power to make others feel and see their beauty.